YouTube New Rules 2018: now making money with videos will be more difficult

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YouTube New Rules 2018

In the official blog of Ad Words , Google talks about what will be a “stricter criterion” when it comes to monetizing the videos. First and foremost, the minimum to qualify for monetization is modified through the YouTube partner program: it will now be necessary to have at least 1,000 subscribers and more than 4,000 hours of viewing on the channel during the last 12 months.

youtube new rules to monetize

This change is not minor, taking into account that currently a channel needs only 10,000 views to monetize the videos. And as it starts to run from now, there will be a lot of channels affected, although if you take into account the total of money distributed, the differences will not be many since YouTube says that “the creators of content that remain within the program represent more than 95% of the advertising scope “.

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In other words: the smaller channels that currently did not make much money are no longer part of the YouTube partner platform. And to re-enter, they will have to comply with the new rules.

But in addition, there will be a crucial change within Google Preferred , the system that encompasses the most popular channels and connects them with larger sponsors. Since February, creator videos on Google Preferred will be manually reviewed and if they do not meet YouTube standards, they will not have ads (and therefore, no money).

“We can not deny that 2017 was a difficult year and that the problems affected both our community and our partners,” they say on YouTube. Therefore, the idea of ​​all these modifications is that the rules are clear and that, in one way or another, users who monetize junk or, at least, questionable content, have a slightly higher barrier to entry.

Obviously we will have to see how everything works since it is implemented and that will begin to happen between February and March of this same year. On paper, YouTube’s ideas do not seem bad but monetizing videos was not at the time either.

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