How to Use Android as a Webcam in 2018

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Hello Daily Tech Readers, How are you? You know, I am again started to write on this blog regularly so you will get daily at-least one post related to blogging or how to. (Android as a Webcam)

Nowadays webcam is a very needy accessory in our daily life. Either if you stream games on youtube or do social media chatting. But for everyone webcam is not affordable. Yes, you can find some cheap webcam on the market but their video quality is pretty poor.

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What if you will get a high resolution webcam for free? Yes, i said free. Did, you know that you can use your android as a webcam? I know, you knew it but, Today in this article i will show you how you can use your android as a webcam. Latest 2018 tutorial.

So, To get start first we need to download a application called IP Webcam.

IP Webcam is a free webcam application , and you will get this application from play store easily.  So, after downloading the application you just need to follow the given tutorial.

Before we start, one thing remember that you have to connect your PC and Android over the same Wifi. Its mean you need to have Wifi router .

After installing the application on your android ,Just open it and you can see a interface like the following imageIP Webcam

Now you need to scroll down, and at the buttom you will see a option is called Start Server. Though you can change the setting of you ip webcam like Resolution, Video preferences, Motion and sound detection etc.

I suggest you to keep these all setting default and just start the server by clicking on “Start Server”

Use android as a ebcam

Now you will see a video preview interface with your IP, By entering that IpV4 IP on your PC browser you can see the live video that is previewing on your android. Just like the following image

Ip webcam video preview

So, Now you can use your android as a webcam, Now you can do chat, live stream and many other things that a web cam do. Ok guys that’s it for today. Thank you so much.

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