New version of VLC for Android that provides Chromecast support and Samsung DeX platform

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Videolabs VLC media players will receive a major update on vlc android, which comes with version 2.9.0 of the program, including several new ways to enjoy media, as well as a number of new enhancements and support for new operating modes on at least three different platforms.

The biggest change to VLC for Android is that it will now support any media running from the Chromecast app, which means that just connecting to a network that also hosts your Chromecast will allow users to click the appropriate icon in the app itself and watch their favorite content on the TV or speakers that support it.


Users have asked for this feature since the introduction of VLC to Android, so it is likely to get positive feedback once the main version of the application is submitted. Videolabs also added support for the Samsung DeX platform and enhanced support for Chromebooks that allow Android applications. Improvements to Chrome OS may be the most effective of these add-ons: Google does not yet have a dedicated media player.

The upgrade also includes improvements to Android Oreo 8.0 devices, such as improved overall stability, and fixes for unspecified problems. Users will need to subscribe to the beta program for instant access to features. The emergence of new features in the beta version of the application also means that the functionality should reach the consumer and public version soon.

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