How to Create a Successful Blog: How to Choose a Blog Niche Topic

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Hi Daily tech readers, In this video i am going to be talking about how to choose a good niche topic or niche demographic. And I will also be asking you some questions that you can ask yourself which will help you to choose a topic that you are most excited about. First things, first we have to define what a niche topic or niche demographic is.

A niche blog is when you write about one thing and one thing only. It is a blog with a one-track mind having one purpose, one goal. A niche demographic would be my blog so it’s a blog that targets a specific demographic. In my case it would be tech, blogging, and then I create content on specific topics that still relate to that demographic of blogging. so in my case I I cover topics such as blogging tips, gadgets reviews, and advice all of these things all relate back to tech. And are going to target that same audience of Technology, they’re all going to be interested in all these topics. ( Blog Niche )

If you’re looking to turn your blog into a business it’s very important to be more specific and and target a specific audience. And in order to do that you have to choose one topic one niche and stick to it.

Now here comes the most difficult question,

How to choose a blog niche topic?

How to Choose a Blog Niche Topic

1) What are you most passionate about?

what’s something that really drives you, which really gets really excited to talk about or hear about or learn about. what is something that you know so much about already,  what’s about one thing that you could talk about for hours because you just know so much about that topic. 

2) Don’t do something that already exists.

You’re probably thinking how can I choose a niche topic that doesn’t exist! . Everything’s been covered, you can choose for example beauty but you can put a spin on it. What can you do to make it different than other beauty blogs, what’s a good practice is taking the topic that you are interested in. Google it, and find out what people are searching for. What people in the beauty world, what are they looking for that they’re not getting the answers. what are some problems that people are facing that hasn’t been covered. and see if you can take that and turn that into something that you can write about. something that you can create content for another great activity is to take the topics that you are very interested in turning into a blog. And for each one, write down ten topics for a possible blog post for each one. ( Blog Niche )

If you are going to be blogging or want to blog especially as a business it’s important to create consistent content.

3) Ask yourself is whether or not your topic is monetizable .

So when you monetize your blog that’s how you make money. so that’s through many different ways but a big one is affiliate marketing and ads. So if you choose a topic, Example,  let’s go to beauty. let’s see like budget beauty tips. For example, Some affiliate programs out there that would fall into that category of budget beauty that you could work with. In order to create some income for yourself while people click through your your blog and they might click on links as well, as like sidebar advertisements.

If you have any question regarding to choose a particular niche, comment down bellow. I will try to answer you questions. Have a great day ahead.

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