Google searches will improve ranking for mobile pages that load faster

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Google is the world’s largest search engine. Most of the peoples use smartphones to browse internet or google. Because the use of smartphones to navigate is becoming more widespread and because no one wants to waste time with slow pages, Google has announced a change in searches that will privilege pages that load faster. So, that would be the google ranking factors.

For this, since July, the “relevance ranking” that Google uses to show results in the search engine will also take into account the loading speed of a particular page. This update “will only affect the slowest pages and applies the same standard to all, regardless of the technology on which they are built,” they say in the Google blog .

So, the most important criterion for placing a page higher in the results will be the content and therefore “a page that loads slowly could still be in the results if its content is good and relevant”.

mobile optimized pages for google

How will this affect to users? In practice, nothing can change much considering that today most sites are relatively well optimized for mobile. But for those who create and publish content this can be very important and will force you to have a very fast version if you want Google SEO not to punish you.

It is important to remember that Google has a platform called AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) that precisely seeks to make the whole Internet better and faster. And obviously, those who are already running on AMP have nothing to fear from this Google change.


(google ranking factors) (google ranking factors)

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