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Why We Need Website?

Hello Folks, My English is not quite good so sorry for that.  Now a days website is mandatory for everyone. Either you are a businessman or a public figure. Suppose, You are a businessman and you dont have a website then you like a tree without Leaves. And if you are a public figure then also you need a website to grow your popularity and in future you can grow your business by reaching more people through website.( Free Cpanel Hosting )

How Much it’s cost to create a website?

And if you suppose to know a little bit about web design or development then you must know that , website creation is not free. You need to buy Hosting, Domain, Template and much more. Hiring a web developer also cost more , So overall you have to invest enough to create a responsive and good looking website. If you want to create normal dynamic website then it will cot around 10K INR. For blog it will cost around 5K INR.  And one thing remember that Hosting is the most important to create or design your website. And this article is all about to get free hosting, You dont need to pay a single rupees for this. So, if you get free hosting then you just need to buy only a domain thats it, And you can buy a domain from reputed company like, only for 5 /6$ (Approx 500 INR)

Who is Providing Free Cpanel Hosting with 100% Free, No Ads, 99.9% Up-time Guarantee ?

And now you are thinking to create your own website and you don’t have enough money to develop, right? Don’t worry, In this article i am gonna teach you how you will get Free Cpanel Hosting.

A very famous website called is the provider. is a leading provider of free cloud-based platform solutions designed to help small and medium-sized businesses succeed online. The company serves members globally with a comprehensive and integrated suite of products and services.

In 2009, Orlando Delcid launched Viewen as a platform fo up-and-coming actors, of which many have gone on to become rather famous. From 2009-2011, he worked with a dedicated team of talented individuals to produce a local sitcom call, Afterschool Starz. After producing several episodes, in 2011 they wrapped the project and Orlando started working for From 2011-2016, Orlando was fortunate enough to have worked closely with upper management and be mentored by some of the very best folks in the hosting industry. Now, as founder and CEO of

How to Get Free Cpanel Hosting from

It is pretty simple to get a hosting panel from Do you know that our website is also hosted by viewen 🙂 ! .Yes its 100% true! .

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To get a free cpanel hosting from viewen, first you have to visit

Then you have to create an account by clicking on sign up button.

signup on viewen

Then you will have to select your server location (In india there have two different of cities available Delhi and Pune) So, select your server city as you want. And then click on order now button.

server of viewen

Now you will see a page where you have to put your domain name. (Remember that , Viewen is not providing the domain for free, so you have to buy it before)

enter your domain on viewen

After that click on checkout button and fill the require information then click then accept the terms of services of viewen and finally click on complete order. That’s it.

Now , you can see your order on the dashboard section.

So, in the last step you have to do one more thing that is you have to create a ticket from your dashboard

and you have to send them to activate your new account and also told them about your new site like why are you taking the free hosting, For which purpose you site is going to live,  How or where did you know about them etc. You will get a reply from them within few hours. And after that your free cpanel account will be live for use.

I recommend you to read their privacy policy,terms of services once to know better about them and their rules. Ok guys, Thats it for today, I hope this article will really helpful for you. Thank you so much.

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