How to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast 2018

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How to Get Google Adsense Approval Fast in 2017

Google Adsense is the easiest way to earn online. Whenever a blogger creates his blog, he has only one dream that he can make good income from adsense. But those who are new bloggers have a lot of problem in getting approval. Because there are some requirements for applying the account, which many people do not know about. And when they apply, their account becomes disapproved. But now you do not need to be paraded because here i am going to give you the tips to get google adsense approval within 24-72 hours only.

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To be honest, when approval email comes to your email address, your heart begins to burst 🙂 . Many examples of this are found on social media websites, where many bloggers can’t wait expressing their happiness. Not only does it. If I used to speak in my own words, when I applied on my adsense for this Mytechdaily, I had received a message of full approval in just 3 days. Yes it was a different thing that at that time there was 25 posts on my site.

But i want to share with you one thing that adsense is very easy for a site containing Hindi content for approval. Neither traffic is required nor need to add more posts. I mean if your website is made in Hindi or Hinglish language, you will get approval for zero traffic and adsense account at 4-5 post, it is 100% true.

Mind it, This is not a adsense approval trick. Only we will tell you some requirements that are very important to get Google Adsense approval. If the adsense requirement is not met on any blog or if there is any reduction, then the account is not get approved.

So let’s start and tell you what is the way to get adsense approval so that you can monetize your blog quickly.

How to Get Google Adsense Approval – 100% working method

As I mentioned above, with this method, you can only approve the account for a site containing Hindi and Hinglish content, in just 72 hours. If yoiu thought to create a blog containing english language then you must have 20/25 genuine content and need some pages like Privacy policy, disclaimer, contact us etc to get approved. This is just a tips not a tricks, just the requirements of Google Adsense that we have to complete –

  1. When you create a new blog, do not waste time in any settings or other work just after making it, publish at least one post immediately.
  2. Before applying for adsense for your blog, Publish 5-10 great posts, whose content length should be 750-1000 words.
  3. Post should composite with less use of images and should have maximum texts. Suppose your post is about 1000 words then it can use at least 1 image or maximum 3 images. Using more than that will cause an issue of insufficient content.
  4. Always try to install a lightweight, clean and fast loading theme. If you have a self hosted wordpress blog then i prefer you to use colormag or newspaper theme, because I do not understand any other kind of simple and clean theme like this.

  1. When you apply for Google Adsense Account , keep in mind that unless you get a message of approval Until then, do not do any such work on your website, so that there is no problem of site down even for 1 minute. If happened you will get disapprove.
  2. It is very important to add a logo and a favicon to your blog.
  3. Navigation bar or Menu-bar should be properly inserted in your site.
  4. The blog should have Breadcrumbs enabled, it is also great for SEO and the google adsense team can also check it.
  5. Do not create a category in your blog which does not contain any post or content, the categories in which some contents belongs only add that category.
  6. Before applying adsense to your blog, Must add Contact UsAbout UsPrivacy policyDisclaimer pages.
  7. It is very important to submit a blog to Google webmaster (search console) .

Now follow the above tips and apply on your blog, Correct the shortcomings. Apply to Google Adsense Account and wait 72 hours for adsense approval. Now, You will get 100% adsense approval.

I hope you understand how to get google adsense approval 100% working method. If any problems still occur then comment down bellow.

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