Is Blogging or Youtube a Good Career Option?

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Is having a Blogspot blog and a YouTube channel a good career option for you?

first of all my english is not quite good. so i write simple article.i hope you can understand my simple english.

Ok, Finally after a long time later, I comes with my another article. This is not only a article but also it could be your life changing thought. Yes, in this article i will explain you about starting your career as a blogger or youtuber. Lets get start it.

blogging or youtube career

In foreign county like USA, UK, Australia blogging and youtube career is so much popular , But in india blogging or youtube career is not so much popular among the people. Since 1 year, youtube career becomes one of the best career opportunity for unemployed in india.

Why i have written here 1 year? ok let me explain.  Before 1 year the internet connection among the indian people was frustrating. The data price was too costly to afford for anyone. If we talked about broadband or fiver connection then also it was very costly to afford it except the official purpose.

However, if anyone could, then the data limit was limited as many people even didn’t watched youtube betterly. So, how they could thought thought about starting career as a youtuber or blogger!

I was the example of this situation. Ok, Know few thing about me. I am from a very outlying village in the state of west bengal under the district of murshidabad. I was created my first website in 2011 by using website builder. Then I knew a little bit about YouTube and Blog that i can earn money from these platforms. But the problem was my internet connection, could not afford data because of costlier.

I didn’t knew that the data cost was really expensive or not but it was really very costlier for myself. I used to activate data pack for 3 days at Rs 18 in Vodafone operator (1 OR Maximum 2 times a month) because of my poverty. It was my short biography when i entered into Internet world.

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It’s been a long time now, Now i am a professional blogger cum youtuber also, Now i am earning more than some of my friends who is studied higher than me, rich from me, Who was insulted me  a lot for my blogging profession. I know that i am not popular in blogger list but i believe “Whatever your situation is, That is superior to you” .thats i am.

Now, when The Indian Telecom operator Reliance Jio came to the market, with free data offers, Then a Revolutions had created in Indian Internet world. They provided full free 4G data to anyone for almost 1 year and everyone connected with internet more than 72 million peoples. Many of them are already a successful youtuber/ blogger beacuse of Jio. Many of old youtubers got their ultimate subscribers .

And the good news is that Reliance jio is also giving us 4G data at very cheap rate that anyone can afford. So, now it is preety easy to grow as a youtuber or blogger because now everyone is connected with internet.

Ok , So Lets Start with our topic

Is Blogging or Youtube a Good Career Option for you?

First, lets start with blogging.

Okay my, My primary answer is youtube and blogging career is suitble for everyone. But, yes but ,there have some terms ,rules as per your situation. Let me explain.

1) Need some money

Yes, to starting a blog /website you have to invest some money on it. Money can’t buy happiness but money is very needy everywhere. To creating a blog at first you need to buy hosting, Domain, Themes , Development charge etc. If you go for a basic then also it will take approx 5K to 6K . After all you have to invest minimum of 5 to 6K first .

Lets explain in depth:

I am going write here the price of creating a basic blog.

  • Hosting Charge: Now hosting is not too costlier , Bluehost, Godaddy is the best hosting providers in my opinion .They provides best quality hosting service for all kind of website .So, if you want to buy hosting for 1 year then it will cost approx Rs 2500.
  • Now Domain, Domain is a name of your website address like . And it is very cheaper , you can get it at around Rs 400 /Year.
  • Theme: ok we all know that wordpress is a very CMS, but they provide us very low quality and simple design blogging theme. That actually not like a professional website. In the online market like they sells many professional looking themes at around Rs 3000/-

Thats all. If you have a basic knowledge about webdesign ,developing then that price for you. So, it will cost 2500+400+3000=5900 approx .

2) Need Times

Yes, you have to give enough time in the startup. Because after starting a blog no one will visit your website because of few contents, Your website will not rank in search engine. and you have to tackle everything alone like your website designing , article writing, page creating and all that need a blog.

Mainly if you are a adult and you have right time to income then its too difficult beacuse in the stratup you can’t get any earning from your blog and you are unemployed, so its the very difficult situation.

But if you have enough money and time then i suggest cum recommend you to start blogging nowly. If not then i suggest you to handle this situation like i did. I think that’s all for starting career with blogging.

Now lets talk about youtube career

Ok, youtube has also same terms as per your situation. We all know that youtube is a free video sharing platorm where anyone can upload videos and can earn money. But in starting youtube career as a profession, the same basic thing you need need like camera ( If you can’t afford a camera then you can manage it using your smartphone. It does not matter.) Tripod, Green screen, start career with youtube you should have a setup.

Now time!. Timing is same as blogging. If you are an unemployed and you don’t have any side earning source then youtube career is not suitable for you because you will not get higher earning in the startup. Because in the startup you would’t have a subscriber or views in your video. And now the terms and condition of youtube is very hard like, You have to cross 10K views on your channel to monetize your channel ,so it is little bit harder. But if you have any side income source that can keep free from money problem then then start your youtube career right now. Because you can get your fully settle career in youtube. And same condition i talked about ,if you don;t have enough time.


In every situation you belong to,every work,every job you must have to keep patience. so, keep patience and do whatever you want, If you choose blogging then writes article daily , If you choose youtube then record quality videos and upload daily.  and mid it “nothing can make you a millionaire overnight” . If you think you’re starting a job today and tomorrow you will be a successful, then you wrong. It will takes time to be a successful . And then you don’t have to look back.

And you have to obey the rules, terms,of both platform like don’t copy anyone’s article or videos, (I suggest to read the terms of conditions before starting Youtube or Blogging career)

This is my first article . So, its normal that I have many mistakes in it, so forgive me for my mistakes. Thank you so much for reading this article. I think this article will help you a little bit. Don’t forget to comment down bellow, Which one do you like for your career?

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