Best Video Editing Software for Computer in 2018

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Best Video Editing Software for Computer in 2018

We know that technology is improving day by day, The way the internet network is spreading, in the same way, the trend of learning by watching videos in the Internet is increasing. Whenever we watch a video on YouTube or any other website, an idea comes to our mind that the video has been edited in which software ?. The video editing software helps a lot in making better quality videos for a video creator. (Best Video Editing Software for Computer in 2018)

If you are a video creator or interested in video editing then this article may be very useful to you, because in this article, we will learn about the Best Video Editing Software for computer in 2018 which is very popular and used by most video creators. And for those whose don’t have any computer, i will write a article shortly.

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Best Video Editing Software in 2018

Best Video Editing Software for computer in 2018

You will find many video editors on the internet, but the following are the video editor cum best video editing software in 2018, with the help of these you can easily create promotional videos, tutorial videos, educational videos and much more easily.

Techsmith Camtasia


TechSmith Camtasia is the company’s video editor. If you are in the early stages of video editing, this video editor will prove to be the best video editing software in 2018 for you. Its interface is very simple as well as you can edit very amazing videos in it. But it requires a bit high configuration PC like 4GB Ram and integrated graphics. In 2GB RAM based or old pc it will not work flawless. In Camtasia you will find many amazing features, some of the features you have been given below –

Features of Camtasia video editor

  • Screen Recording – In this software you will find a screen recording feature that lets you record your computer’s screen and create tutorials.
  • Webcam – In this software you can record videos using your webcam. This feature educational video is also very useful.
  • MultiTrack Timeline – In this software, you get many tracks at one go, you can edit together by adding multiple videos and audio together. This feature is useful only for a creator.
  • Annotations – With  this feature, you can add many types of elements to your video like – Arow, Callouts, shapes, etc.
  • Visual Effect – This video editor features a visual effect which lets you add visual effects to your video in many ways like – color adjust, video speed, drop shadow etc.
  • Green Screen – With this feature, you can change the background of your video as well as edit advanced level.


If you want to download this software then you can download it from its official website . The size of this software is approximately 350MB. There have both Free an Paid version available. Actually not free, Its a trial version.

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Filmora Video Editor is also very popular, many youtuber use this software to edit videos, Personally I use to edit this software to edit our short film videos. (We have a short film making productions house, where i works as a video editor) also edit the videos of my channel. This video editor is awesome. The best part is that its interface is very good and it is also a powerful video editor. If you trying to edit the first video in your entire life then , yes this is the best video editor for very beginners. Also It has a lot of advanced level features that allow you to easily create all kinds of videos. Let’s know about some of its features.

Features of Filmora

  • Noise Removal – This feature is very useful. Many times the video has many unwanted voice records, which we can easily remove with the help of this feature.
  • Color Tuning – With this feature, you can adjust the color according to your video.
  • Advance Text Editing –  You can add advanced text text effects to your video, and you can use it in your video by creating various types of text effects according to you.
  • Screen Recording –  You will also be able to see the screen recording feature.
  • Video Stabilization –  Many times when you record videos, a lot of shakes are shaken. With this feature you can stabilize your video.
  • Green Screen – You have also been given a green screen feature in this software. All these features are provided with the help of which you can edit awesome videos.


For Filmora Software Download, you can download it by visiting its official website at . Also there have both Free and Paid version available.

Sony Vegas Pro

vegas pro

Sony Vegas is a professional video editing software used by many big video creators. Did you know that popular youtube video creators CarryMinati, Amit Bhadana, FactTechz used this software to edit his videos. This is one of Best Video Editing Software. In this you can edit the advanced level video. Its interface is better, but if you are new to video editing then there may be some difficulty in learning this. In this software you will find many advanced level features that you can use to edit awesome videos.

Features of Sony Vegas Pro

  • Automatic Crossfades
  • Instant Freeze Frame
  • Multicamera-Editing
  • Velocity Envelopes
  • Shuffle Editing
  • Adjustable UI Appearance
  • Masking tools
  • Color match
  • Auto White Balance
  • LUT OFX plug-in

Buy this software from the official website and download it

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HitfilmExpress is also a popular and advanced video editor in which you will be able to view many features. The best thing about this video editor is that you can download it for fully free, but there are some packs you can buy if you want. If you are new to video editing and you have a lower budget, then i recommend you to use this video editor once for sure. The features of this video editor are given below.

Features of HitfilmExpress

  • Object Tracking
  • 3D models
  • visual effects
  • Lightning Effects
  • Sky Replacement tools
  • Grading tool
  • Masking And Layering


Apart from all these features, many more amazing features will be available, if you want to download it, then download it in its official website HitfilmExpress Download.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

You may already know about this software Premiere Pro. It is a very popular video editing software, which is a video editor for Adobe’s company. This is a Professional Video Editing Software in which you can edit Advanced Level Video. You will find plenty of features and tools in Premiere Pro. Working on this software can be a bit difficult for the new creator but if you keep on continuously learning then you will learn to use this software over time. Let’s look at the feature of this Premiere Pro Video Editing Software. But remember that Adobe Premiere pro is not free and also it is bit difficult to afford this. So i recommend you to use this video editing software , if you thinking for professional edit.

Features of Adobe Premiere Pro

The features mentioned below are the feature added in the latest version. For more information about this software, you can visit its official website.

  • Multiple Open Projects
  • Shared Projects
  • Immersive Video Effects and Transitions
  • Responsive Design tools (Timing and Position)
  • 8 New Label Colors


You can download this software from its official website

In this article we knew about the Best Video Editing Software for computer in 2018 but you may be confusing what software to download. Let me help you. If you are new to the world of video editing, then you should download software like camtasia or filmora, because the interface of these softwares is very simple and you can easily edit the video in it.

If you are already in the world of video editing and you want to learn advanced level editing then you should use video editing software such as Premire Pro, sony vegas, Hitfilm express etc.

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Best Video Editing Software for computer in 2018)

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