ATM Safety and Security Tips 2018

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ATM Safety and Security Tips 2018

ATM Card Cloning has increased significantly in today’s time. At the same time, the biggest problem also comes that someone’s wallet will be lost and anyone can get it even before it gets its ATM block. Hackers take many ways to hack user’s information. Card Cloning is being used most of these methods. This is because users do not even know more about Card Cloning. This is why we have brought ways to avoid Card Cloning for you, so that your personal information can be safe. But before that we will also tell you how to steal your information through Card Cloning.

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The hacker steals your information

The hacker can steal the information of someone’s card by putting a scanning device in the ATM slot. So whenever you put your card in the ATM card slot, hackers scan all the ATMs and steal it via Bluetooth or any other wireless device.

atm safety tips 2018

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Here is the ATM Safety and Security Tips 2018

1. Hackers need to know your PIN to get full access to your account. This PIN can be tracked by the camera in the ATM user. For this, it is very necessary that whenever you enter your PIN in the ATM, hide it from the other hand. So that the image can not go in the CCTV camera.

2. If you go to the ATM, then check its machine card slot carefully. If you feel that someone has been tampered with in the ATM card slot or slot is loose then do not use it.

3. While inserting the ATM Card, focus on the light burning in it. If Green Light is burning in it, then ATM is safe. But if there is no red or any light in it then do not use the ATM. You must immediately inform the bank about this matter.

4. If you ever feel that you are stuck in this hackers trap and the bank is closed, then you immediately contact the police. That’s because there you will find hackers fingerprint. Also you can also see whose Bluetooth connection is working around you. With that you can reach that person.

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